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Regardless of your specialty, practicing dentistry is dynamic. Explore our online education center to enhance learning and find courses that enhance your patient care advance, support your professional goals and improve your knowledge of the latest development for practice improvement.

Our latest online educational offerings are through multi-modal teaching. Learn from world renowned faculty through CE Online, CE Jida, CE Videos, Case studies, panel discussions, and more. The new found knowledge and skills that you engrain during courses will enable you to improve your practice.

CE Online
IDA's distance learning platforms enable faculty to improve and help in making the pursuit of lifelong learning accessible and affordable to learners around the world.
CE Jida
Is a peer-reviewed international journal for disseminating information for dental professionals.
CE Clinical
CE Clinical Dentistry programme of IDA is the fastest searching engine to upgrade your knowledge of the constant stream of new scientific discoveries, clinical reports and innovations, keeping up with the world of dentistry.
Case of the Month
We highlight different cases each month that are of greater than normal clinical interest, having unusual symptoms and/or diagnostic findings, or involve rare diseases or conditions of interest.
CE Video
Avail free dental video lectures by leading faculty for disseminating information to the dental professionals.
About IDA
The Indian Dental Association (IDA) has always strived to update its members on the latest advances in dentistry through educational programmes. A need for extensive and in-depth knowledge and expertise in subjects so as to provide a larger professional scope for our members prompted us to launch our Online courses. These would ensure not only an added prestige and honor but also newer avenues of income for dental professionals.
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