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Indian Dental Association (IDA) connects you to the latest online educational offerings through multi-modal teaching. Be it through CE Online, CE Jida, CE Video Online, CE Case of the month or CE Clinical Dentistry. It’s world of education and training at your fingertips. We provide flexible learning on your schedule from world renowned faculty. The new found knowledge and skills that you engrain during IDA’s online education will enable you to improve your practice.

Enhance skills with online education IDA’s online education enhances learning for patient care delivery, supports your professional goals and improves your knowledge of the latest development for practice improvement. The knowledge and skills make you a competent, caring dental practitioner to deliver sophisticated and complete care to your patients. Our online programmes are specifically designed for practicing professionals so you can learn while keeping your practice. Easy online access IDA’s online education is available via the Internet so you can study anytime, anywhere and fit the learning around your busy life. Click on the programmes names below to learn more.

  • CE Online "
    • IDA is the premier provider of cutting-edge and unique online education. CE Online is a comprehensive library of continuing dental education courses available on-demand to keep professionals up-to- date on current trends and best practices.

  • CE Jida
    • CE Jida is designed to deliver quality dental education through an interactive experience. We disseminate online the peer-reviewed scholarly and academic content to dental professionals to provide scholarly knowledge.

  • CE Clinical
    • CE Clinical Dentistry is an online programme designed to broaden and sharpen skills of practicing dentists by enabling you with knowledge, skills and experience.

  • Case of the Month
    • Continuing Education is key to becoming a great clinical dentist. IDA strives to provide its members with the most innovative and cutting-edge, techniques and technology and case of the month are different unique cases.

  • CE Video
    • Learn on the go, from your desktop, smart phone, or tablet. All our videos are set up to display our online content in the most user friendly way possible for practical, real-world dental practice application.

About IDA
The Indian Dental Association (IDA) has always strived to update its members on the latest advances in dentistry through educational programmes. A need for extensive and in-depth knowledge and expertise in subjects so as to provide a larger professional scope for our members prompted us to launch our Online courses. These would ensure not only an added prestige and honor but also newer avenues of income for dental professionals.
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